William Kunstler radical lawyer

William Moses Kunstler was an American radical lawyer and civil rights activist, known for his politically unpopular clients.

“Even Malcolm X’s wife, Betty Shabbaz, was against opening Malcolm X case”



Message to the Grassroots (November 10, 1963)

“They controlled it so tight, they told those Negroes what time to hit town, how to come, where to stop, what signs to carry, what song to sing, what speech they could make, and what speech they couldn’t make; and then told them to get out town by sundown. And everyone of those Toms was out of town by sundown.”


Brother Minister: The Assassination of Malcolm X (1994)

Brother Minister reveals the mystery surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City on February 21, 1965. It probes the innocence of two of the convicted assassins, reveals the true identity of the killers, examines the FBI and NYPD clandestine roles in the assassination, and discovers the secret origin of the Nation of Islam and its political and religious legacy in America.